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Collisiontec Testimonials

At Collisiontec, our Mission is to provide top-quality collision repairs that are performed by a team of experienced and well-focused professionals while ensuring customers enjoy a hassle-free claims process. It is our promise to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. It is our goal to restore your confidence in your vehicle as well and to constantly improve the quality of our services and business structure through continuing learning and keeping abreast of the latest technology available.

Collisiontec CTA-v4

David C.

“After only owning my SUV for a week I had an unfortunate accident involving a palm tree that really did a number on the drivers side of my 2009 Saturn Vue. Dan and the Crew at Collisiontec took care of everything with the insurance company and got my SUV back on the road, looking like new again!”

Mark R.

“Please tell everyone who had a hand in fixing the truck that its the best work I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a million repair jobs in 30 years of this work, some of them were my own cars. You and you people are the best and will continue to get every referral.

Greg P.

All I can say is that Dan Cooley and his professional staff are the best. I took my Porsche in last week after I was side swiped by a trailer. The work was excellent and I had my car back in record time. Even though this was a relatively small job, they handled all the insurance paperwork and did a great detail on the car to boot. Thanks for exceeding my expectations.

Dan Dal Colletto

What service. It started with a call to see if they could fix my Aston Martin. That was with Danielle. She was awesome. Then on to Janet who is a true professional. Dan one of the co-owners was outstanding as well. Regarding repairing my car, honestly I would never take my car to any other business. I am 100% satisfied with the QUALITY service. You’ve been to the rest, now go to the best. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. The Aston looks unreal. This is a car you don’t just take to any body repair shop. Not only repaired, but washed and ready to hit the road.
Thanks guys,
Dan Dal Colletto
Owner, Dan Dal Colletto & Trainers 
April 21 2015

Jeff O’dell – Via The B.B.B.

This letter was received via the Better Business Bureau – August 12, 2014  BBB Letter
“I have a 2012 Mercedes and it was damaged by a tree. I brought the car to the shop because USAA highly recommended the shop. I was not disappointed at all, Janet was wonderful and took care of every detail. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone with any make of car. I received the car back in the time I was told and it was detailed as well. Call Janet and I have no doubt you will get the best care in the industry”.
Submitted By: Jeff ODell

Kevin L. Konkler

“Dear Dan, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your dedicated team for restoring my 1990 Mustang to a fantastic condition. I met with several collision repair owners about fixing my 1990 Mustang after an accident which caused frontend damage. My conversation with you made me feel confident that CollisionTec would work with me and my Insurance Company to restore the Mustang to its’ original state. Little did we know at that time, securing quality replacement parts would me a major challenge? Once the replacement parts impediment became apparent, most collisions shops would have bail on the job and pushed the car and all the damaged parts out the door. Not CollisionTec. CollisionTec never gave up and put the extra effort forth to find quality parts no matter what it took. Also, CollisionTec worked extremely well with my Insurance Company during this challenging situation. Without CollisionTec support, I think the Insurance Company would have given up as well on finding the replacement parts and just totaled the car. CollisionTec’s commitment to customer satisfaction, bought my 1990 Mustang convertible back to life. The Mustang looks and drives supreme. You have a great Team at CollisionTec that is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. I can’t thank you and your Team enough for hanging in there through some challenging times and restoring my Mustang to a condition that any owner would be proud of. I’ll recommend CollisionTec to anyone looking for a superior auto body shop. Thanks again and I’ll think of the CollisionTec Team every time I’m taking a cruise in the Mustang with the top down!”

Rhonda Sal

“Great work! I, unfortunately, had 2 visits there very close together. Janet Wilkinson Clark took care of dealing with the insurance agents low ball quotes!! My car looks great!”

Bill Schneikart

“The best body facility I ever used. My car was restored back to it’s ORIGINAL condition.”

Tracy Sanderson (and Chuck West)

“Don, Jerry, Dar, Dan and Janet I(we) would like to say thank you for your time and energy spent making the 2005 Mercedes Benz look so terrific. Don, I would like to start with you. As a reminder this was the vehicle that was previously “repaired” by Master Collision. At our request, we had you come and inspect the vehicle as we were very dissatisfied with the end result. You came to our home, looked at the vehicle and referred us to Collisiontec. Janet and Dan, from the time I (we) entered your front door, through the repair process, you were gracious, attentive and informative. You kept us posted on the progress and were available to answer all of our  questions!”

Irv Goldberg

Got my car back (2013 Equinox) yesterday, Tuesday Feb. 17, and just had to say something to somebody.  This has been (unfortunately) my 4th trip to see y’all (all but one, it was the other guy’s fault).  I am no longer amazed at the results of the work that I see from Collisiontec, rather, I am disappointed when I see the work done on someone else’s car that just can’t match up to the quality I get with you guys. I have been spoiled by Janet and all the people that make up her team.  High quality work, excellent service, and an office manager that refuses to compromise on the materials and workmanship of the repairs that come into her shop demonstrates to me why Collisiontec continues grow and has become the benchmark of the industry in and around the Clearwater area. Thanks again for taking great care of my vehicle (y’all even shiny’ed up the wheels), and as always, I hope I never have to see you again (but if I do, it will be a pleasure).



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